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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 11, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: the russian made plane was taking potential buyers on a demonstration flight when it crashed in to a volcano. the family is working to have the body recovered. >> i want him home. >> reporter: the 55-year-old was working as a consultant. everybody died. at least report crews found ten bodies, his parents were hole cast survivors. >> he loved his children a great deal. he would always come home with presents for them and he just loved them -- to pieces. >> reporter: he was supposed to return home today. now he is left behind the two children, daughter and son whose 18th birthday is tomorrow. >> graduation is coming up. he wants to be a doctor.
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my daughter is just mad. >> reporter: i talked to barbara boxer and was told the office would do what it could to bring the body home. >> a potentially dangerous combination of heat, dry conditions and wind has cal fire ramping up its response team. robert honda is live with the vigilance they are calling for. >> reporter: for cal fire the official fire season is one thing, here in the south bay you can see why it's taking action early. as we looked at fire conditions around the south bay today it was easy to see that while many of the hillsides are green other parts dry with plenty of fuel for a fire and the cause for concern for many homeowners. >> i think the biggest problem was we didn't have that much rain this winter so it was a very dry winter all over the
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state. >> reporter: cal fire said 95% of wild land fires caused by people and is asking the public to take precautions. >> it would be a great time to go out and provide defensible space and hardening of homes, replacing a roof. >> reporter: today cal fire took early steps by putting a helicopter on plead response alert as well as adding engines. it. >> that's our biggest thing. >> reporter: the extra staffing public alerts makes sense. >> i think i'm pretty aware of the fire condition, always looking at the ground cover where we live and on the hillside. >> reporter: they beefed up
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staffing, on monday many returned to duty for retraining and cal fire said it's also interviewing new recruits right now. where are the bay area hot spots? let's go to bill martin in the weather center to find out. >> reporter: its been a dry week, a warm week and we are heading in to fire season. as you look at the east bay hills, there is green in the fragrant ground and also brown. fog creating fire concerns as they always do. concord and 68 in san francisco. it's starting to feel like summer inl long range models as we go out ten days no rain. i will see you back with the mother's day forecast. >> and stay with us, 24 hours
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a day for the very latest on the weather conditions where you live. >> mark was in palo alto trying to sell investors on the facebook's public offering. >> reporter: a lot of money on the line with this ipo and the potential investors want answers before they bet millions of dollars on the stock come next week. >> armed with questions and the facebook ceo showed up to answer them. . >> it was brought up mark is a visionary and whatever he felled for him to do with
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instragram was his bias decision. >> reporter: think are gearing up for the initial offering, on monday he wants to facebook road show in new york and it continues in palo alto. it's designed to help the company and its it bankers look at investor demand and settle on a final stock price. >> what it's worth and -- i think -- it's a real business it'll go someplace. people trying to find out what it's worth and we will all make the decision. >> people have their poker face on. hard to tell. hard to tell. >> you think you will make money? >> yeah. i say so. >> and on the streets, mixed reaction on if facebook will be a good investment. >> i feel like it's kind of -- had its peek and i just don't really see where it'll go. >> this it will be around for a long time and -- it's got good people hint it. >> and though not official facebook expected to go public one week from today.
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reporting live. ktv unchannel 2news. >> they announced changes to its privacy policy to say how they use personal information they will add more examples and detailed explanation, that after irish officials ordered them to be more transparent about how it uses personal data. they said they will host an online chat to answer more questions about this. >> a chip maker beat wall street expectations sending shares up 9%. the video reported strong demand for the new chip for desktop computers and smart phones. the news after they warned in february that sales of the chips may be weak. they ross over a dollar on the nasdaq. shares dropped to $13.21 by the end of trading. >> state attorney general is pushing for a homeowner's bill of rights in the wake of the housing crisis. she is supporting six bills to
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regulate foreclosures and penalize violaters. she supports having one person be the contact for borrowers facing foreclosure. >> let's have and require a single point of contact for that homeowner so they can favorite gate the system and no confusion. >> in february she helps secure an 18 billion-dollar settlement over loan, fraud and illegal foreclosures. she said the homeowners included could see restitution by this fall. >> a pleasant hill couple, a real estate broker have been sentenced to prison in connection with a 20 million- dollar mortgage fraud scheme. sentences for them range from 18 months to three years. prosecutors say the four secured loans to buy properties and then turned them into nursing homes. they employed undocumented
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workers at those nursing homes and then made them work long hours at below minimum wage. a man charged with failing to pay almost half a million dollars in federal taxes pleaded guilty. he admitted to asking his employer to funnel his salary and commissions to another company he created. he failed to report that money. he faces five-years in jail and a fine of $250,000. >> family and friends of oscar grant are outraged to find out ability about an an a-- about an appeal, appealing his manslaughter conviction. grant's family said they were not told about wednesday's hearing. they were also furious to learn that he wants to return to law. >> to allow someone back on the force like that, with be a disgrace to the community, to
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the society, and it would be a slap in the face to me and my family. >> the appeals court has 90 days to decide on the appeal if the court rules against him he will continue appeals. we wanted to know who is supposed to tell the family and if they were supposed to be told about the hearing on wednesday. we found an error involving three agencies. at issue is a victim's form. the family filled it out and requests to be told about any legal procedures. the da said the grant family properly file that form last year. the corrections department told us they received it and forwarded to the attorney general. they are supposed to keep the family informed but the attorney general said they never got the form. the ad said it'll now make sure that the grant family knows about any future hearings. >> san francisco teachers have
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approved a pleiomery strike vote. the teacher's union said 97% of teachers voted yes. the vote is pleiomery and a second one would be needed before striking. they are asking for a 2% raise. the district is proposing adding 18 furlough days over the next two years, a state. >> this is a diagram from the santa clara transportation authority of where bus lanes would run. supporters say it would provide faster and more reliable service. some are worried about the impact on traffic. the city council is set to discuss it. >> a new draft budget for the city of walnut it creek calls for cuts in services but not the police department. they will set aside funds to hire two more police officers along with more it staffing. some of the cuts include
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closing the business license development services and community development counters at city hall one day a week and closing the swimming pool during the fall and winter. the 135 -- a $2.1 million short fall. >> in support of the governor's tax initiative. >> the group is demanding a state budget they say supports women and their families. the mayor said one out of three in oakland lives in poverty. >> you can't have a city where a third of the children aren't sure where they will live. >> the rally comes just as the governor was expected to release a revised state budget. >> tourists on a paddle boat in hot water. how they called for help.
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. >> san francisco voters will see an error on their ballot stub in the june 5th election. a mistake caused the tear off stubs to incorrectly read the voter's stated party as the into party which you can see in the yellow box with the arroo w. the ballots themselves are correct and every vote will count but the mistake on the tearoff stub will stay. >> a new controversy heating up over proposition 29, that's the cigarette tax initiative. we learned today that a doctor, a lie profile opponent has been fired. the governor fired her from a state panel along with five
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others. the proper would double current california tax onto bako. the tax would race about $735 million a year with money going toward cancer. it's expected to encourage 300,000 people to quit or never start. cigarettes already average about $6 a pack. opponents say a better initiative would spend the millions on schools, they say cancer research is already funded the money could be sent out of state. >> some tourists paddling in the bay got in real trouble with they ventured beyond the golden gate. it's a rescue you will only see here. david stevenson explaning why the dog is being called the smartest one on the boat. >> what started as a sunny morning ended with a tense rescue. >> i was absolutely freaking out. it was so scary.
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>> reporter: this rose ceus boat brought in four people swept out beyond the bridge. >> tell me what happened. >> we foolishly went out past the bridge and got caught in the rip tied. >> reporter: it started when they went out on the paddle boat. >> we got past the bridge and tried to turn around and the tide was just to strong. we were making no progress coming about. >> knew i wasn't controlling the boat. it wasn't in our hands. >> they called the police, a fire rescue boat rushed to the scene about a hundred yards beyond the bridge. >> the dog was smarter than they were . none of them had a life vest on, except for the dog. >> reporter: the station firefighters returned them close to shore. >> we gave them a lecture about life vests and being out there with that kind of boat.
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>> we have gone under before but the -- you have to be aware. >> that was david stevenson. the paddlers say while the boat was quick to rescue them it was a nearby boater who saw they were in trouble and responded first to help. >> two medical bills aimed to make medications safer for children clear aid clear hurdle today. yesterday the house emergency and commerce committee passed both and today they are headed to the house floor. it'll require companies to preform tests on how season medications affect children. the price of gas is expected to jump in the next few days. analysts say continued refinery problems on the west coast could cause prices to go up 20- cents. drivers in san francisco are
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paying $4.30 for a gallon of regular. the average is about $4.01. in san jose it's about $4.23. despite that the cost of whole sale is on the decline. figures show the prices dropped nationwide and that led to a drop in energy prices. >> the weather is great. bill martin in the weather center tracking the warm up. >> yeah. nice look warm up. after mother's day it'll cool. tomorrow warming up on saturday. sunday temperatures dip but still a nice weekend with temperatures into the 90's tomorrow. sunday more fog. it's really going to be a nice weekend. 89 morgan hill. tomorrow's highs come up -- three to five degrees in someplaces, really nice. through the bay area.
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fog and low clouds, the model suggests clearing tomorrow afternoon. coastal residents and then fog on saturday night. really nice sweeping weather. big fog -- kind of patchy. that's why saturday is a warmer day. sunday the fog really pushes up into the coast and that gives you a significant cooling in more cooling around the bay. it goes inland. the fog model basically. tomorrow morning early about 8:00 a.m. you see fog work up around the gate and -- then lingers at the coast all day. it's waiting out here. what it wants to do on sunday is press in. fog off shore tomorrow. patches of sun. some clears and sunday presses
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in. then -- we are going to see 90's in the inland bay valleys, the inland bay city. the bay cities, 84nevado. 90 -- almost 90 fairfield. 89, 88 walnut creek. 78 san leandro. saturday the warmest day. sunday mother's day. still really nice just not as warm. 89 loss gatos. along the peninsula temperatures, you know little foggy in the morning and then clears -- do you have mother day plans? >> we have plans to kind of hang low which will be good. >> weather will be nice. not to hot and really good mother's day. >> great hanging low weather. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> coming up, we have been monitor that vote by teachers authorizing a strike. tonight we hear from the district about what it says are holes in their argument. and as a clock ticks down
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to the facebook ipo a possible heck up in their block buster deal. >> teens talking behind the wheel. the startling increase in this dangerous behavior.
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. >> union members have a new contract that affection almost a hundred thousand health care workers, it includes a 3% wage increase for california employees, and a 2% increase for workers outside california. it also aims to make the workplace healthier with improved work spaces -- at the work site. it's expected to be ratified this summer. >> state officials say cell phone use while driving is up in california, in particular with young drivers, drivers over the age of 16 to 25 doubled their cell phone use while behind the wheel from 8% last year to 16% this year. cell phone use is up to 10.8% up from 7.3% last year. >> it means there is more chance for crashes out there and it's -- it's one of the
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thing its that we have been drying to work against and we will just have to work that much harder. >> safety officials blaming the up tick in cell phone use among young drivers on two things, the use of text messaging and the growing popularity of smart phones. >> mark now, tiger had a little trouble earlier this week but things seem to -- i can't say it, he is making a come back. immaterial unusual. it's -- i don't know. unthinkable two years ago but looked like a conclusion, yesterday tiger missing the cut in two straight tournaments but stronger, stick around for the weekend. change of shoes, change of look after a bogie he ran off four straight birdies, four under 68. he is six back of the three co leaders, kevin, zach and this man, matt -- 45-foot putt also a four under round of 68 for
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him. anybody can miss the cut. number one player in the world rory will not be around for the weekend. he missed the cut. the nba will announce james is the league's nvp. he is the 8th player in nba history to win it three or more times. this is just may and the an anticipation level for the 49er season higher than in years, one of the reasons the rookie added to the already advantage roster, you saw it, number 23 the second round pick out of oregon, james, knows just what he is getting in to . >> me i just always stay relaxed. it'll change a little bit. guys will be bigger, stronger but you will progress. you can't really rush into things and then expect to be great. have you to ease into it and learn some of the veteran guys. >> all right. just a few minutes now giants down in the desert for the
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start of the three game weekend series, in arizona, detroit and the a's tonight at the big o. second game of their series, highlights tonight at ten and that's the sporting live for right now. tiger woods, tv watchers something to -- they are going thank you. >> thank you. >> you got it. >> bay area troops in iraq and afghanistan make a special message for their mothers this holiday weekend. right now on watch their videos. >> and in 30 minutes catch bay area news at seven, thank you for trusting us. juicy johnsonville sausage.
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